05 Mar 2017, 00:29

Importing Issues from GitHub to Todoist

Since using GitHub Enterprise at work, I have become a much happier developer. One problem that was not solved was making it easy for me to get my work into my to-do list without manual work. Being a Todoist user, and knowing that they, and GitHub, have documented APIs to work with, I was sure it would be possible to get all of my issues into my to-do list in a quick way that I could re-use each iteration.

17 May 2015, 04:02

Sony Bravia Remote for Pebble

Originally, I had worked on a TV remote control application for my LG TV about a year ago. Unfortunately, the panel died, LG’s support was not very helpful… and, eventually, I had my money refunded and the 1 year old panel returned to Costco. Upon receiving my refund, I decided to upgrade to a Sony Bravia 4K TV. And thus, I have decided to port the application for the new TV.

There is currently one application on the Pebble store that is supposed to control a Sony TV, but it apparently does not work with newer models as an authentication step is now required. My new application is for these TVs.

04 Jan 2014, 20:56

Pebble SDK – LG TV Controller

I recently purchased a Pebble Watch and, like any programming nerd would do, started writing software for it.

I do plan on releasing source at some point, but I thought it would be good to share some resources for those interested in either writing software for the Pebble watch or who want to work with their LG TV.

Pebble Development

29 Apr 2013, 20:15

Bill ID – Identifying money with OpenCV and iOS

This past semester, I and some of my friends developed an iPhone application that is capable of detecting money using the built in camera. We entered this application as our Senior Design Project and I am happy to say that we won best project this year. I will be posting more information regarding technical aspects of the project for those who want to experiment with iOS and OpenCV. But, for now, here is a link to our facebook page where we will be posting more images, videos, and information regarding the project and the iPhone release date.

19 Jun 2012, 00:18

iPython Notebook

My mentor at IBM turned me on to using the Notebook feature of iPython. This is really cool!

Now, the Python CLI does its job. I have been using it for a while for testing modules and code ideas but usually need documentation open when trying out a new module or I need to look over my own code when I have forgotten what the names in my library are.

iPython is interactive (hence “i”). Via the command line you can use tab completion to quickly finish what you were typing or to see what is available from the module or class. Also, iPython allows you to do basic procedures that I usually find myself exiting the shell for…listing a directory, removing a file, changing the working directory, etc. This is cool, but it gets better.

Using the Notebook feature will allow you to access iPython via a web page. It supports tab completion but does it in a very nice way – drop down lists wherever you are at in a line and it completes code, lists available methods, and completes directory/filenames as well.

After doing a lot of testing and research in the web console, you can save your Notebook so you can pick up where you left off later or just print it for reference. Also check out the graphing abilities with MatPlotLib…graphs show up inline!