24 Mar 2014, 02:05

Tips for Securing an Internship at IBM (or anywhere, really)

My original post regarding my internship experience at IBM has become quite popular on my blog. Recently, I have been involved in the interviewing process and with this new perspective, I thought I should share some tips. I feel that if you have come across this post, you have accomplished a great first step as the act of searching out this information shows that you are genuinely interested and concerned about your career.

Show passion for what you do

Anyone can spend weeks Googling and learning interview questions to get ahead in the interview session. However, what I believe makes for a truly compelling candidate is someone who is so interested in their field that they have stepped outside of academia and pursued personal learning and experience.

21 Sep 2012, 20:56

iPhone 5 – Awesome!

Waited in line this morning for my shiny, new iPhone 5. It was well worth the wait. I arrived at the local AT&T store at midnight to find only a few people already waiting. We had a great time discussing Apple and various other subjects which helped pass the time. This is the best part of waiting; you get to meet some really great people. Our store only had 18 phones to sell to us and by the time they had reached me in line, they were out of the 16GB Black phones.

19 Aug 2012, 03:30

Last week at IBM

My final week of the internship consisted of wrapping up final details on the project, writing up documentation, and preparing for the final presentation. Final Presentation Throughout the internship, we gave bi-weekly presentations that allowed us to prepare for the final. Why is the final presentation so important? IBM executives attend the event and it is the time to show them what you can do and help secure full time employment.