Importing Issues from GitHub to Todoist

Since using GitHub Enterprise at work, I have become a much happier developer. One problem that was not solved was making it easy for me to get my work into my to-do list without manual work. Being a Todoist user, and knowing that they, and GitHub, have documented APIs to work with, I was sure it would be possible to get all of my issues into my to-do list in a quick way that I could re-use each iteration.

My first attempt at solving this issue came in the form of a python script that could be ran in Pythonista on the iPhone. It worked well, but, I had to modify the script each time the milestone name changed or with each iteration… I wanted something better. (If anyone is interested in how to do this with Pythonista on iPhone, I would be happy to share).

In search of something better, I decided to take a look at what I could do with .NET – seeing as both GitHub and Todoist have official .NET libraries. What resulted was a workable solution in just an afternoon and something that is much more maintainable and user-friendly than the original Python script.

You can find the code here –

I hope you find it useful as well. And, I hope to see some pull requests as the current state of this thing is workable enough – but, not polished by any means.

Sony Bravia Remote for Pebble

Originally, I had worked on a TV remote control application for my LG TV about a year ago. Unfortunately, the panel died, LG’s support was not very helpful…and, eventually, I had my money refunded and the 1 year old panel returned to Costco. Upon receiving my refund, I decided to upgrade to a Sony Bravia 4K TV. And thus, I have decided to port the application for the new TV.

There is currently one application on the Pebble store that is supposed to control a Sony TV, but it apparently does not work with newer models as an authentication step is now required. My new application is for these TVs.

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Tips for Securing an Internship at IBM (or anywhere, really)

My original post regarding my internship experience at IBM has become quite popular on my blog. Recently, I have been involved in the interviewing process and with this new perspective, I thought I should share some tips. I feel that if you have come across this post, you have accomplished a great first step as the act of searching out this information shows that you are genuinely interested and concerned about your career.

Show passion for what you do

Anyone can spend weeks Googling and learning interview questions to get ahead in the interview session. However, what I believe makes for a truly compelling candidate is someone who is so interested in their field that they have stepped outside of academia and pursued personal learning and experience.
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Pebble Watch – 1 Month Later

About a month ago, I found myself at a Best Buy in New Hampshire looking for a new piece of tech gear to play with. As I was looking around, I came across the fitness watches and remembered the Pebble. I had seen it a while ago and had completely forgotten about it. I decided that this was the ultimate answer – a smart watch. It should be able to do anything! So, I found a Best Buy rep and asked if they happen to carry these. I unfortunately saw none on the floor. They did, I purchased one, and off I was to experience this new age of the Smart Watch.

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Pebble SDK – LG TV Controller

I recently purchased a Pebble Watch and, like any programming nerd would do, started writing software for it.

I do plan on releasing source at some point, but I thought it would be good to share some resources for those interested in either writing software for the Pebble watch or who want to work with their LG TV.

Pebble Development

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Bill ID – Identifying money with OpenCV and iOS

This past semester, I and some of my friends developed an iPhone application that is capable of detecting money using the built in camera. We entered this application as our Senior Design Project and I am happy to say that we won best project this year.

I will be posting more information regarding technical aspects of the project for those who want to experiment with iOS and OpenCV. But, for now, here is a link to our facebook page where we will be posting more images, videos, and information regarding the project and the iPhone release date.

Bill ID Facebook Page

Software Engineer at IBM – Soon!

I noticed that this blog has been seeing some more traffic and I have had a few questions.

I also noticed that I never mentioned that I had received a full time offer with IBM at the Mass Lab in Littleton, MA. I am excited to graduate and begin my career at the end of May with IBM!

So, for those looking to work there this summer as an intern or as a full time hire, I hope you decide to join and that you enjoy it as much as I have! Of course, any questions regarding my experience as an IBM intern or more specific questions about the Littleton area/Mass lab are welcome.

iPhone 5 – Awesome!

Waited in line this morning for my shiny, new iPhone 5. It was well worth the wait. I arrived at the local AT&T store at midnight to find only a few people already waiting. We had a great time discussing Apple and various other subjects which helped pass the time. This is the best part of waiting; you get to meet some really great people. Our store only had 18 phones to sell to us and by the time they had reached me in line, they were out of the 16GB Black phones. I really wanted the Black phone so I ended up going with a 32GB which works well as my previous 16GB phone was running out of space. The build quality is incredible and the design is very sexy. Having a larger screen is a great feature and the camera is quite an upgrade (I am coming from an iPhone 4). Also, the Earpods, while not pro audio headphones, are very good. I am currently writing this post on the Phone, so this will be short. I will post more as I get to know the device.

Last week at IBM

My final week of the internship consisted of wrapping up final details on the project, writing up documentation, and preparing for the final presentation.

Final Presentation

Throughout the internship, we gave bi-weekly presentations that allowed us to prepare for the final. Why is the final presentation so important? IBM executives attend the event and it is the time to show them what you can do and help secure full time employment.

I was left to present on my own for this final presentation as my partner had to return early for classes. After preparing throughout the internship and the few days leading up to the final presentation, it paid off. My presentation went better than I could have hoped for; I received great questions at the end, and created interest in people who came to visit me for more information the next day.

Poster Session

Following the presentation day, we created a tri-fold poster presentation of our projects to be able to present one on one to interested parties. I had conversations with several different people from the company (one in particular was quite long, which was great). I was reminded on the day of my exit that every conversation at IBM is a potential interview and apparently I had been doing well. A manager from one of the groups asked for a formal interview – that went very well too 🙂

Final Day

Uploading project information, cleaned out desk, and returned my laptop and badge. During this process, we had an exit meeting with our manager to review our progress and discuss other aspects of the internship. Once our badges are gone it was time to leave…

I really enjoyed my time at IBM and am going to miss the great people there and the work. However, I am excited to get back to school and finish up my last year!