Jake Schwind

Pebble Watch – 1 Month Later

January 04, 2014 | reviews


About a month ago, I found myself at a Best Buy in New Hampshire looking for a new piece of tech gear to play with. As I was looking around, I came across the fitness watches and remembered the Pebble. I had seen it a while ago and had completely forgotten about it. I decided that this was the ultimate answer – a smart watch. It should be able to do anything! So, I found a Best Buy rep and asked if they happen to carry these. I unfortunately saw none on the floor. They did, I purchased one, and off I was to experience this new age of the Smart Watch.

When I first set up the device, I found it very cool that I could see all of my notifications – preview email, texts, decide whether to pull my phone out for a call – or even silence a call right from the watch. Very cool stuff. Time to see what apps are capable of.

I started searching for applications and this is about where I was initially dissapointed. Sure there were awesome watchfaces and an awesome app called SmartWatch+; but I was hoping for something to track activity too. Spoiled, I know.

I soon learned that this was due to limitations in the first version of their SDK. In the second version, Apps will be less tied to separate phone apps and developers will be able to access more of the device. I have already started playing with version 2 applications and they are pretty awesome.

So, a month later, I find that the Pebble has become a part of my everyday life. When I’m driving, instead of fumbling for my phone to find out why it rang or buzzed – I can see it from my wrist. Also, in meetings, I can quickly see what is happening from my wrist and silence calls if I need to without interrupting with the all to disrespectful act of pulling out and looking at my phone. Even when I’m at my desk, I can have a SmartStatus on my watch and see immediately what the temperature is outside, how my batteries are doing, and what meeting is coming up. Now, when I have a meeting I’m going to, I don’t have to pull out my phone and double check the room – it is already on my wrist. These sound like small improvements, but it is truly amazing how it becomes a part of your life.

As far as applications, I find that I stick to mainly one app – SmartWatch+ and its companion watchface, SmartStatus. I highly suggest getting this on the App Store if you have a Pebble. It truly improves the device.

As a developer, I have written one application so far for the watch and it turned out to be a great, rewarding experience. It is amazing what kind of power you can pack on your wrist when an iPhone is backing it.

Finally, battery life. It is truly great. Still going strong for days.

I highly suggest the Pebble Watch for anyone looking into it especially if you are busy and have a need for quick access to information. But, as I found with using this for a month, it will improve your digital experience regardless. At $150, it is not cheap, but it does do a lot. And, with SDK 2 going public soon, the watch will be capable of so much more. There is already an active group of developers working hard on improving this device and more joining as time goes on. If you are looking for a new tech gadget to improve your life – try Pebble.