Jake Schwind

First IBM Presentation

June 30, 2012 | ibm

Yesterday, my partner and I presented our project to our manager and intern mentors for the first time. Most of us did not know what to expect exactly – I, like a few others, thought that this was merely a status update. However, it was not. The expectation was for something that resembled our final presentation which will be made up of an audience of higher level managers.

For my group, we did not have a slide show prepared but did spend an hour before the presentation preparing a basic outline and practiced a few times. Our presentation was not lacking in visual department luckily since our project already has a UI and I had graphs I prepared loaded and ready to go on my laptop. Instead of displaying my desktop, I decided to keep the login screen up behind me as a splash screen…should have prepared one, was criticized for this.

Overall, it went well. We should have had slides and we needed to talk more about our development work and less about the result on the screen. We will be doing these presentations every other week. July will be much better 😉