Jake Schwind

Last week at IBM

August 19, 2012 | uncategorized

My final week of the internship consisted of wrapping up final details on the project, writing up documentation, and preparing for the final presentation.

Final Presentation

Throughout the internship, we gave bi-weekly presentations that allowed us to prepare for the final. Why is the final presentation so important? IBM executives attend the event and it is the time to show them what you can do and help secure full time employment.

I was left to present on my own for this final presentation as my partner had to return early for classes. After preparing throughout the internship and the few days leading up to the final presentation, it paid off. My presentation went better than I could have hoped for; I received great questions at the end, and created interest in people who came to visit me for more information the next day.

Poster Session

Following the presentation day, we created a tri-fold poster presentation of our projects to be able to present one on one to interested parties. I had conversations with several different people from the company (one in particular was quite long, which was great). I was reminded on the day of my exit that every conversation at IBM is a potential interview and apparently I had been doing well. A manager from one of the groups asked for a formal interview – that went very well too 🙂

Final Day

Uploading project information, cleaned out desk, and returned my laptop and badge. During this process, we had an exit meeting with our manager to review our progress and discuss other aspects of the internship. Once our badges are gone it was time to leave…

I really enjoyed my time at IBM and am going to miss the great people there and the work. However, I am excited to get back to school and finish up my last year!