Jake Schwind

iPhone 5 – Awesome!

September 21, 2012 | uncategorized

Waited in line this morning for my shiny, new iPhone 5. It was well worth the wait. I arrived at the local AT&T store at midnight to find only a few people already waiting. We had a great time discussing Apple and various other subjects which helped pass the time. This is the best part of waiting; you get to meet some really great people. Our store only had 18 phones to sell to us and by the time they had reached me in line, they were out of the 16GB Black phones. I really wanted the Black phone so I ended up going with a 32GB which works well as my previous 16GB phone was running out of space. The build quality is incredible and the design is very sexy. Having a larger screen is a great feature and the camera is quite an upgrade (I am coming from an iPhone 4). Also, the Earpods, while not pro audio headphones, are very good. I am currently writing this post on the Phone, so this will be short. I will post more as I get to know the device.